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Crysis 2: Be The Weapon is a first-person shooter coming this spring. Set in an alien ravaged New York. Like the original game, it promises to be technically superb, while giving players a choice in how they play the game.
As you can see in the trailers, the New York of Crysis 2 is being wrecked by invading aliens, the Ceph. Your character wears the 'Nanosuit 2.0', which gives you incredible powers, making you a human weapon. There's an invisibility cloak, for Predator-style stealthy play, and a tank mode offering more aggressive and action-packed gameplay.
As well as the single player campaign, with its drama and impressive set pieces, there is a fleshed out multiplayer mode too. With six game modes, and allowing players a range of Nanosuit configurations and upgrades, Crysis 2 promises really exciting and interestingly balanced matches in twelve absolutely stunning environments. Utilizing the developer's own CryEngine 3, Crysis 2 looks incredible, with beautifully detailed graphics and impressively destructible worlds. PC users will need pretty good specs to run the game smoothly, which is not surprising as even the three year old original still boasts some heavyweight requirements.
Crysis 2 promises to be one of the most impressive first person shooters we've ever seen.

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